Stockton Channel Viaduct Project Update


Stockton Channel Viaduct Project Update

Dear Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce Members,

We are pleased to provide you with an update on the Stockton Channel Viaduct Project, a crucial infrastructure initiative that may impact your commute and businesses. Hosted by Caltrans and Kiewit, this project aims to address the long-standing structural deficiencies of the Northbound and Southbound structures spanning the Stockton Channel along I-5.

Purpose and Need of the Project

Constructed in the 1970s, these bridges have shown signs of deterioration over the years, necessitating frequent repairs and posing safety concerns for travelers. The project's primary objectives include ensuring long-term serviceability, saving millions in future repairs, and enhancing safety measures.

Superstructure and Substructure Deficiencies

The bridges were originally built with light-weight concrete decks and multiple non-standard features, leading to recurrent damage. Additionally, liquefiable soils have been discovered in the channel, posing a risk of structural failure during seismic events.

New Bridge Features

To address these challenges, the project will implement several enhancements, including increased elevation and the use of normal-weight concrete in the bridge deck, realignment and widening to reduce impacts, and wider shoulders to accommodate emergency vehicles.

Potential Impacts

While the project promises significant long-term benefits, it may temporarily inconvenience commuters and local businesses. Anticipated impacts include noise pollution, dust, temporary road closures, and detours. However, Caltrans and Kiewit are actively exploring measures to mitigate these effects and ensure minimal disruption.

How You Can Get Involved

Your engagement is crucial in shaping the project's outcomes and minimizing disruptions. Caltrans is conducting outreach efforts to engage stakeholders, including businesses potentially affected by the project. We encourage you to attend future meetings and presentations to stay informed, voice your concerns, and participate in the decision-making process.

Together, we can support this vital infrastructure project while ensuring the well-being of our community and businesses.

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