Mission Statement: The mission of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce is to aggressively develop and promote an economically vibrant business community.

The Chamber, in both its values and practices, is committed to inclusion and excellence in the management of all diverse people irrespective of differences. This means that there shall be no barriers to participation in any activity of the Chamber on the basis of economic position, gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or disability.



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Mango Crazy Celebrates Birthday Month With Special Deals Every Tuesday

Mango Crazy, Founded by childhood friends Andy Lopez and Larry Rivera, is thrilled to announce its birthday month celebration throughout February.

Stockton Restaurant Week January 19-28, 2024

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Stockton Arts Commission To Host First Art Exhibit – March 12th

The City of Stockton Arts Commission (SAC) will host its first art exhibit, as the first in a series of events known as the Stockton Art Nights.

Stockton Restaurant Week January 19-28, 2024

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KTJ Design Co Announces The Leap Year Showroom Sample Sale

In celebration of the leap year, KTJ Design Co, a renowned interior design firm and exclusive furniture store, is thrilled to announce an unprecedented showroom sample sale.

Stockton Restaurant Week January 19-28, 2024

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Grand View Village: Affordable Housing In Downtown Stockton

Visionary Home Builders of California, Inc. (VHB) bursts with pride as we announce the dazzling grand opening of our revolutionary affordable housing haven, Grand View Village Apartments.

Stockton Restaurant Week January 19-28, 2024


The Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce has developed several programs that help our members succeed. Some programs are designed to directly help members with their day to day operations and marketing efforts. Others act as business advocates and watchdogs; they work to improve the local business environment for the future of all Chamber members.

The programs of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce work for our members in a variety of ways. They Government Relations Council (GRC) acts a s a political watchdog and advisor to local and state legislators. The Chamber works to imporve the education and quality of the local workforce through programs like the Business Education Alliance (BEA). Environmentally friendly business practices are studied and implemented through the Chamber's Green Team San Joaquin (GTSJ). The future leaders of the Central Valley are being identified and educated through the Chamber's Leadership Stockton program.

Business Education Alliance

Certificates of Origin

Government Relations Council

Green Team San Joaquin


See Why Our Members Love Us!

“I wanted to comment on the outstanding service and support that the Stockton Chamber of Commerce has provided during these trying times. As I had mentioned to you, when times are good and smooth, I think we take for granted the excellent work (year-round) that The Chamber conducts in support of our local business and community. And it is times like this, when you understand the great value the Stockton Chamber of Commerce provides for their membership. The constant communications and support have been vital to the local business community and provided valuable assistance in legislative advocacy, funding assistance and support, and many other programs and services for local business. We have come to rely on the many resources through the Chamber to be educated in coping with business during the COVID-19 pandemic.“

– Matthew W. Smith
Smith Heating & Air, Inc.

“Being part of the Stockton Chamber has enabled me to connect with a wide variety of business owners and community leaders that I would never have had a chance to meet. It has allowed me to photograph projects that have led to referrals for additional ones that allowed my business to continue growing during the past year. I continue to be a member of the chamber because it not only benefits my business directly but indirectly as well by their continuing efforts to bolster the image of the area. I would recommend other business owners join the chamber because of the wide-ranging networking and connection opportunities that are simply not available through any other source in the community.“

– Kevin Richtik
Caroline Photography

“COVID-19 has traumatized our business community and we, as a community, must continue to search for new ways to operate. Much like your company, the Chamber continues to improvise, adapt and overcome to do everything they can to reduce the cost of business and to advocate for their members on the local, state and federal level. That is why Kings Card Club became an investor in the Chamber. Through many of their award winning programs, events, webinars and meetings, the Chamber aggressively develops and promotes an economically vibrant business community. As part of the business community, Kings Card Club encourages you to get involved, become a member, become a sponsor of Chamber events and programs, and seek to be part of the Stockton renaissance!“

– Ruthie Gutierrez
Kings Card Club


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