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The mission of the San Joaquin County Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) is to protect children and strengthen families through awareness and outcome-driven programs delivered with compassion. CAPC has been in operation since 1978 as a result of a grand jury investigation into the death of three-year-old Latanya Smith, who was beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend. We are an agency dedicated to preventing child abuse, ensuring safety, and providing education and treatment for abused and at-risk children and abusive and at-risk parents.


The CAPC was formed in 1978 as a result of a Grand Jury’s investigation into the death of a three-year-old girl, Latanya Smith.

Despite Child Welfare Intervention that resulted in her removal from her home and subsequent return, Latanya was beaten to death by her mother’s boyfriend. This tragic case compelled community members to demand that more be done to prevent abuse. An independent non-profit, The Child Abuse Council was born with the intent of preventing child abuse and neglect. A few years later, the name was changed to The Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC).

Since then and for more than 40 years, the CAPC has worked with parents who are ready to make the sometimes difficult changes necessary to provide a safe and nurturing home for their children.

Our goal to protect children:

The Child Abuse Prevention Council is committed to protecting the children of our San Joaquin County community, strengthening their families, and giving hope to those seeking to break the sometimes-generational cycle of physical, verbal, sexual, neglect, and emotional abuse. CAPC is a place where parents can learn to be better parents, where children can heal from the wounds of abuse and neglect, and where families can improve their quality of life. While the CAPC is committed to responding to crises to ensure the safety of children, we are not in the business of offering temporary band-aids that don't address the core issues that bring families to that point of crisis. Many of the families we serve face multiple barriers to their success: substance abuse, domestic violence, unemployment, lack of education and life skills, and/or homelessness.

Our programs are free, confidential, outcome-driven, and always delivered with compassion. Services are available in English and Spanish and with the help of translation services, we are able to provide services in any other language as well. Services are available to anyone in crisis regardless of income, age, gender, ethnicity, physical or mental challenges, religion, citizenship status, or sexual orientation.

The Child Abuse Prevention Council endeavors to achieve our goal of protecting children and strengthening families by employing four primary strategies:

  • Early Education services,
  • Family Strengthening services,
  • Clinical Services, and
  • Community Awareness and Education

Our approach to addressing family challenges is multi-disciplinary, cooperative, and collaborative, and ensures that all services are delivered from a trauma-informed perspective, are relationship-centered, and always strengths-based. This work cannot be done for families, but rather CAPC staff work with families to make the necessary life changes through these available direct services

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