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Member testimonials help us connect with businesses just like you. They are invaluable in keeping the Chamber running, and we’d appreciate it so much if you could write a quick testimonial. 

(No need to write a novel. Who has time for that? Two to five sentences is great!) 

Here are some examples of what to talk about: 

  • How has the Stockton Chamber helped you: stay in business, expand/grow your business, or help with a specific problem over the past year?  

  • Why are you a Stockton Chamber Member? 

  • Why should others become a Stockton Chamber Member? 

It’s that easy!  

E-mail your testimonial, photo and logo to: tquinn@stocktonchamber.org

Thank you so much for your time and continued support of the Stockton Chamber!

(Must be a Chamber Member in good standing to be featured) 

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