Stocktonian of the Year

Nominations are being sought for the “2020 Stocktonian of the Year” to be presented by the Central Valley Association of REALTORS® Stockton Council (CVAR) and The Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce at a banquet to be held early  February 2020The CVAR and the Chamber honors a local citizen each year as the “Stocktonian of the Year” and the 2020 recipient will join the ranks as the 67th “Stocktonian”. 

Do you know someone who goes “above and beyond” by making exceptional contributions to improving the life of those in your community and beyond? 

Central Valley Association of REALTORS® Stockton Council and The Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce “Stocktonian of the Year” award seeks to identify and honor those individuals who embody the spirit of volunteerism and who have conscientiously served and positively impacted the community. This program strives to recognize those who are making a difference in our City and who do not typically seek or receive recognition for their efforts. The “Stocktonian of the Year” recognizes an individual for their acts of goodness, extensive community involvement and continual devotion to the betterment of Stockton, outside of their paid positions. 

Nominees are not required to reside in Stockton; however, their contributions must have served the community of Stockton. 

Nominations for the award are now being accepted at Central Valley Association of REALTORS® in care of Debbie Mason, Keller Williams Real Estate, 3133 W. March Lane, Suite 1060, Stockton, CA 95219 or by email to Debbie Mason at or by mail to the Stockton Chamber of Commerce, 445 W. Weber Avenue, Suite 220, Stockton, CA 95203/ by email Timm Quinn at  Please mail or deliver your nomination along with information about the person you are nominating to the attention of “Stocktonian of the Year”.  Please note the Stockton Chamber Office is not accepting hand-delivered nominations. 

Nominations close January 15, 2021.  

We look forward to receiving many worthy nominations and thank all of those in advance who will take the time to recognize that special volunteer.

Stocktonian of the Year Past Recipients

1954  J. Corbin Shepher, Deceased  

1955  Dean Decarli, Deceased  

1956  Harvey Stull, Deceased  

1957  Fred Bitterman, Deceased  

1958  George Ernest, Deceased  

1959  J. A. Simpson, Deceased  

1960  Jacob Fetzer, Deceased  

1961  Emerson French, Deceased  

1962  Harold Nelson, Deceased  

1963  Jack O’Keefe, Deceased  

1964  Reed Robbins, Deceased  

1965  Fred Schneider, Deceased  

1966  Michael Canlis, Deceased  

1967  B. L. (Bernie) Faunce, Deceased  

1968  Laurence Drivon, Deceased  

1969  Ort Lofthus  

1970  Pearl West, Deceased 

1971  John Cecchini, Deceased  

1972  Eugene Castles, Deceased  

1973  D. David Smith, Deceased 

1974  Warren Atherton, Deceased  

1975  Robert Eberhardt, Deceased  

1976  Stuart Gibbons, Deceased  

1977  Sgt. Pat Noble  

1978  Marian Jacobs, Deceased 

1979  Alex G. SpanosDeceased  

1980  Thelma Stewart, Deceased  

1981  Don Schrader  

1982  Helen Verber Crane  

1983  Bing Wallace, Deceased  

1984  Fritz Grupe  

1985  Leo D’ Or, Deceased  

1986  Dr. Virgil Gianelli, Deceased  

1987  Dr. Joseph B. Serra  

1988  Rudy Croce  

1989  Mimi Eberhardt  

1990  Dr. Guillermo C. Vicuna, Deceased 

1991  Bob Whittington, Deceased  

1992  Floyd Weaver, Deceased  

1993  Don Stewart, Deceased  

1994  Gerri Dunlap, Deceased  

1995  Dennis “Don” Geiger  

1996  Bob Kavanaugh  

1997  Sharon Simas  

1998  Ross Bewley, Deceased  

1999  David Brewer, Deceased  

2000  Ray Baglietto, Deceased  

2001  C. Joseph Crane, Deceased  

2002  Phyllis Grupe  

2003  Edward Coy, Deceased  

2004  Kathleen Lagorio Janssen  

2005  Dino Cortopassi  

2006  Douglass Wilhoit  

2007  Douglass M Eberhardt, Deceased 

2008  David Rea, Deceased  

2009  Robert Foy, Deceased  

2010  John F. Quinn  

2011  Becky Mizener  

2012  Andy Prokop  

2013  Jane Butterfield  

2014  Tim Ulmer 

2015  Mel Corren 

2016 Fred Weibel 

2017 Elizabeth Yip Lee Blanchard 

2018 Duane Isetti 

2019 Beverly Fitch McCarthy