On behalf of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce, thank you for your support of the Chamber and the Stockton & San Joaquin County community. Just as important, thank you in advance for giving your time as we embark on the re-launching of the Retention Expansion Directive or REDTeam!

COVID-19 has traumatized our business community and we, as a community, must continue to search for new ways to operate. Much like your company, the Chamber continues to improvise, adapt and overcome to do everything we can to reduce the cost of business and to advocate for our members on the local, state and federal level.

The REDTeam proactively solicits the positives and negatives of conducting business in Stockton and San Joaquin County. WE NEED YOUR PERSPECTIVE!

As we experienced in 2008, the business community is experiencing a volatile period due to COVID-19 and the Chamber partners have the collective experience to assist and navigate business owners, general managers, operation directors and other business leaders through this unprecedented crisis.

The REDTeam advances all the principles of the Chamber’s Green Team, REACON, FRESH, SCAP and our advocacy programs.  Team members bring a wealth of expertise in current and available business loans, grants, employee (re) training, behavioral health, COVID regulations and operational savings that could be deployed to the business. REDTeam members (comprised of staff and partners) meet with business owners, General Managers, presidents, CEO’s, etc. via Zoom for 30 minutes. The REDTeam will ascertain information and forward it to the appropriate Chamber committee, services or public agency for action.

To schedule a REDTeam Virtual Visit, please email or call 209-993-4409.