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Founded in 1981, Leadership Stockton is California’s oldest adult community leadership program. Leadership Stockton is a program designed to inspire a new generation of men and women ready to assume leadership roles in our community. It challenges and prepares individuals from diverse backgrounds to become influential in our region’s future. In 1980 members of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce led a contingent to Denver to review a creative concept in developing community leadership. The result of that trip was Leadership Stockton, the first continuous program of its type west of the Rockies and the prototype for many leadership programs throughout California. The idea that we can transform communities by developing our own leaders still holds true today.

By developing enlightened, educated and motivated community leaders from all backgrounds and areas of our community, we can continue to transform Stockton. Since its inception, almost 1,000 participants have graduated from the program. Leadership Stockton participants embark on a journey that puts them in touch with the Stockton community and each other, and develops their personal leadership skills. One day a month for eleven months, participants meet for an intense study and discussion of specific topics. Various perspectives are presented through the use of panelists, tours and simulation activities. Participants also work on class projects that focus on solutions to real community problems. Each project is designed to bring about positive community change while teaching the value of setting and achieving goals. Countless organizations benefit from the Leadership Stockton program. Benefits have not only been through hands-on community projects during the course of the class, but program graduates serve on a variety of boards and commissions in the Stockton community.


The Leadership Stockton Class of 2023-24 Application Deadline has Passed! New Leadership Stockton Class to be announced in late July.


LS Class of 2023 Graduation Dinner
Thursday, June 8, 2023
Heritage Dining and Provisions at the Waterloo Gun & Bocce Club

$55 per person
PrePaid Reservations Only



Welcome to the opportunity of a lifetime!

Here is how to become part of Leadership Stockton:

  • Complete the application on paper (download application here) or online below.
  • Your application includes a page to be completed by your employer (if you are not self-employed).
  • Applications must be submitted by Friday, June 14, 2024 at 12:00pm
  • Next an interview will be scheduled. All applicants will be interviewed by a panel of Leadership Stockton alumni. Interviews are usually in late June or early July.
  • You will hear in mid to late July if you will be selected for the Class of 2024-2025. The first session will be in August.
  • If you are not selected, please apply again next year. With only 30 students accepted each year, the selection process is difficult. The interview panels are seeking to make a diverse class that is interested in making Stockton a great place to live, work, and play.

Before you apply, make sure that this is the year for you! Here is more about what to expect:

  • Leadership Stockton meets for eleven months. Dates are listed below. There are three mandatory sessions. You may only have one full day absence OR two-partial days. It is important for you to attend all the sessions to fully gain what the program has to offer. Classes are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Lunch is provided, and class members are expected to stay through lunch.
  • In addition to the class sessions, class members will be participating in a group project. The class decides on what the project is by determining what the group thinks needs to be improved. The class raises the funds to complete the project. Class members will need to meet outside of class to make the project happen. The completed project is an accomplishment that no one forgets.
  • Class members are also asked to complete individual projects. These projects are the class member’s choice and will provide the opportunity to go on a ride-a-long, attend a board meeting, donate blood, and much more.
  • Professional dress is required for most sessions. Some sessions may be casual depending on the activities.
  • Each month focuses on a specific area of what is important in leadership. Check the application to make sure you will make the dates in the year you are applying.

Sessions for 2024-2025

August 2, 2024: Orientation (mandatory)
August 9, 2024: Leadership Dynamics (mandatory)
September 27-28, 2024: Retreat, Decision of the Class Project (mandatory)
October 11, 2024: History, Arts, and Culture
November 8, 2024: Economy
December 6, 2024: Local Government
January 10, 2025: Law Enforcement / Justice
February 14, 2025: Community Serving Community
March 7, 2025: Education
April 11, 2025: Health Care
May 7, 2025: Politics
June 12, 2025: Closing Session and Graduation.

Tuition for the Class of 2025 will be $2,000. It is suggested that $200 be paid by the class members themselves. The remainder of the tuition may be paid by an employer, service club, organization, or the class member. The first $200 must be paid before orientation. The remaining balance must be paid by December 31. The Leadership Stockton Alumni Association does offer a partial scholarship. The amount is determined by how many class members request a scholarship. Arrangements for a payment plan must be made prior to class starting.

Questions may be answered by contacting the Leadership Stockton Program Coordinator, speaking with an alumni member, or attending the Leadership Stockton Recruitment Mixer. Questions please contact Geri Lewis, (209) 292-8426 or geri@stocktonchamber.org.

LEADERSHIP STOCKTON Class of 2024-25 Application

You will be required to submit an Employer Commitment Form along with your application. You will be able to upload the completed form into your online application (on the last page of the application).

If you cannot upload the Employer Commitment Form at the time you submit your online application, please follow the instructions on the form on how to return.


If you can’t fill out the application online, click to download a PDF version of the application.