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Join the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce as we work to improve the future of our economic community. Help us increase our influence with various legislative agencies and their staff. If you want to work hands-on to improve the environment in which you do businesses, plan to attend the next meeting of the Government Relations Council (GRC).The Government Relations Council (GRC) is committed to the long term economic success of our local business community. The GRC works to improve the effectiveness of legislation and regulations which affect our business environment every day. The GRC reviews the actions of our elected officials and advocates for public policies which improve the economic outlook for members of the Chamber. At GRC meetings, guest speakers with business and political expertise address the concerns of GRC members and bring essential facts and insights about issues facing the entire Chamber membership.

Key political and businesses leaders are members of the GRC. They attend GRC meetings (via Zoom) to monitor key government issues, receive input from our membership and develop policy statements on behalf of our membership. As an important voice in the political affairs of San Joaquin County, the GRC works diligently to be proactive with local and regional government. Members of the GRC meet with key political officials each quarter to advocate for local businesses and to gain better understanding of the goals of our elected officials.

For further information, please contact Timm Quinn at (209) 292-8423 or e-mail him at tquinn@stocktonchamber.org

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