ATHENA Donation Campaign

On Thursday, November 12th the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce ATHENA Committee announced they have donated a total of $401,000.00 to 35 organizations over the past few months!

After the decision to postpone the 2020 ATHENA Awards Luncheon until 2021 the ATHENA Committee, made up of past ATHENA and ATHENA Young Professional Recipients, decided they wanted to do something for the community. After a successful meeting they came up with the idea for a donation campaign.  Each of the past ATHENA and Young ATHENA recipients was challenged to choose a cause or organization and make a donation.  After their donation they would add the amount donated to a spreadsheet and the organization(s) they donated to a master list. 

We encourage everyone in the community to think about an organization you are passionate about and to make a difference by getting involved. That could mean donating money or services to that organization or volunteering your time. If the whole community worked together and gave we could make a huge difference!

Please see below for a list of the organizations they have donated to.

Click the below to watch the video of the unveiling from Thursday, November 12th.

Organizations that the ATHENA Committee Donated to: